What is the main process of making LCD boxes

LCD splicing dominates the mainstream monitoring system
LCD splicing dominates the mainstream monitoring system

Since the introduction of 46-inch ultra-narrow-edge LCD splicing products, the LCD splicing market has shown a sustained and high growth trend. The product line has been continuously enriched, and the high-tech LCD splicing technology products developed with innovative concepts are gradually breaking through. Out.

LCD splicing manufacturers agree that even if it does not become the terminator of DLP splicing wall technology, LCD splicing technology will become the technology with the largest market share. The increasing strength of products and technologies makes the LCD splicing market gradually mature. It is necessary to adopt a strategy of sustainable development and revitalization, and to promote the potential and outstanding enterprises advocated by high-quality products, professional technology and advanced services to a broader stage . In terms of monitors and large-screen splicing walls, DLP and LCD display have always been difficult to distinguish between each other, and each has its own unique advantages. In the future, this pattern may change rapidly. The splicing technology of LCD display splicing is to use each unit as an independent splicing processing system, input a complete signal and control signal, which are processed by each unit independently, so as to ensure that the signal volume to be processed by each unit body is small and fully guaranteed The clarity of the image and the smoothness of the video.

The large-screen display has always been a must-have terminal for the video surveillance system. Its large field of view and stable display performance provide the surveillance system with real-time scene images. Compared with the current DLP rear projection technology in the field of security products, liquid crystal displays have obvious advantages in terms of image quality and overall cost. In the field of security monitoring systems, LCD large-screen system splicing walls are gradually replacing traditional CRT and DLP splicing walls, becoming the preferred successor of professional security monitoring splicing large screens. In important parts of the country, such as key national transportation, transportation hubs, and large stadiums, it has become a trend to use LCD large screens to establish monitoring and command systems. In the field of security monitoring systems, liquid crystal display devices have replaced plasma display devices with their outstanding color performance, high image quality, low energy consumption, and long life, occupying a leading position. The video surveillance system is an important part of the security system of each unit. It is widely used in many occasions because of its intuitiveness, accuracy, timeliness and rich information content. The LCD flat panel display of the video surveillance wall has completely become the main trend of the display system.

In recent years, with the rapid development of computer, network, image processing and transmission technology, under the continuous development of video technology, video display technology has also made great progress, from CRT analog display technology to DLP, PDP plasma, LCD Liquid crystal digital display technology has transitioned from a heavy and thick screen structure to a thin and light flat panel display device. Its ultra-thin and lightweight characteristics, compared with other digital display devices, have the advantages of low price and low cost, so that it can be quickly promoted and applied.

Splicing products of LCD screens of various sizes have been decapitated in more subdivided application fields. The continuous innovation of new technologies is their positive energy, and professionalism and technology are their character. The advancement of LCD splicing products and technology is pushing the LCD splicing wall industry forward, and the market position is further improved. The breakthrough application of LCD splicing products in the market can be said to have experienced the rigorous test of the market and overturned the traditional application mode.

Post time: Dec-11-2020

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