LG’s fold-screen OLED panels are ready for commercial use

Since samsung and huawei respectively launched Galaxy Fold and Mate X fold-screen phones, the era of fold-screen products has opened up. It is regarded as a revolutionary new generation of terminal products, which will eventually blur the boundaries of smart phones, tablets and even PC products.
The most critical component of folding screen is the display screen. At present, it is mainly flexible OLED panel. Samsung Galaxy Fold USES its own AMOLED panel.
SID show week inter last week meeting, BenQ BenQ’s BenQ materials company also announced the development function of ultra-thin film meets the requirements of various curvature, the size of the display application, listed on cooperation with clients will showcase the latest mobile phone dressing, shows the BenQ optics functional membrane materials and the research and development strength in the field of materials science.
Foldable panels are the next hot market, and other panel companies won’t miss the opportunity. At the SID conference, LG also showed off its own foldable panel, a large 13.3-inch foldable panel.
LG supplied the panels for the fold-screen laptop lenovo announced earlier, and the new fold-screen laptop is expected to be available in 2020.
According to south Korean media reports, LG CTO Kang in-byeong announced that his company’s foldable panels are ready for commercial use, adding that “foldable panels for smartphones are more technically difficult than foldable notebooks and tablets.”
As for when foldable screen devices will become mainstream In the market, Kang in-byeong said the technical challenges are still great, but ultimately it will be up to the device makers.

Post time: May-19-2019

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