128×64 dots Graphic LCD Display Module for the garbage classification industry

Human beings produce a large amount of garbage every day, which is not classified, recycled and arbitrarily disposed, thus causing environmental pollution. Garbage sorter is a kind of high-tech equipment which can automatically sort mixed garbage. The garbage classifier can carry on the follow-up comprehensive treatment and the full reuse to the garbage, and realizes the garbage zero landfill goal.
The machine can separate the plastic, paper, organic, battery, packaging and other physical components in the garbage automatically, quickly and effectively, so as to facilitate the next step of recycling and utilization. Garbage sorter has changed the traditional cumbersome pretreatment process of garbage sorting, saved a lot of manual sorting cost and equipment investment, and realized the maximum utilization of garbage resources and zero landfill.
The garbage classifier abandons the traditional separation process idea, implements the transformation from the principle, USES the original fuzzy recognition technology, the simulation manipulator and so on as the technical core, realizes the garbage automatic classification.
Equipment parameters can be adjusted at any time according to different waste components and waste follow-up treatment methods to meet sorting requirements, and can also be connected with existing waste treatment equipment of customers.
Garbage sorter is divided into three types: domestic garbage sorter, kitchen garbage sorter and stale garbage sorter. EMK waste classifier [1] according to different waste processing capacity, there are six types of domestic waste classifier: 20, 60, 100, 300, 500 and 1200, and there are three types of stale waste classifier: 300, 500 and 1200.
It is suitable for all kinds of waste cleaning stations, waste transfer stations, waste treatment plants, waste composting stations, waste incinerators and other places where waste is concentrated.
our 128×64 dots Graphic LCD Display Module for the many garbage classification industry。

Post time: May-19-2019

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